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Hello everyone my name is Anna and I am the owner of "La Profumeria Etoile". in the footsteps of my parents, who opened their first perfumery in Fontevivo, a town in the province of Parma where I still live with my husband and two children. Having spent most of my youth among perfumes and creams, first of all allowed me to become passionate about fashion and beauty style and then to learn a lot about this profession. Now after so many years of work my parents are enjoying their retirement, and it is I who continue the family tradition with my own shop that I have been running for several years. The world of the internet has always fascinated me and I too, like you, I made many of my purchases on the internet, in March 2011 almost as a joke I wondered if it was not the case to try to bring my experience to the web. That evening the idea was born and together with my staff we realized it, we opened my online shop.